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Our Success Stories / Testimonials
  • Mercy Nyarko’s Testimony

    Mercy Nyarko’s Testimony

    Mercy Nyarko is a trader who operates a provisions shop in Accra. I was operating a provision shop on a very small scale due to lack of financial support. I was introduced to Citizens by a credit officer from the company. Through this, I was able to gain access to financial assistance from Citizens which help me stock up my shop. Aside the assistance, I was constantly visited by a credit officer to advice me on sound business management practices, how to expand and increase sales margin. Working with Citizens for the past one year, I can happily testify that I now own a deep freezer for a cold store business and my provisions shop is booming. ‘I want …Read More »
  • Daniel Ntore’s Testimony

    Daniel Ntore’s Testimony

    Daniel Ntore, former employee of a bakery in Accra to an employer with the help of credit finance assistance from Citizens Capital, he is owner of a bakery shop located at Ofankor in Accra with staff strength of 10 people. Daniel is a happy client and confessed that his days of pain are over because it has been addressed and given solutions to by Citizens which he can now bake in larger quantities to meet demands of consumers and even expanded to retail of sachet water business.’ Without the support and help from Citizens will still be an employee at my former place so would like to say a big thank you to Citizens’. Related Articles  Read More »
  • Gamel Obo’s Testimony

    Gamel Obo’s Testimony

    Gamel Obo, a driver with Millennium Development Authority and have been working with them for the past 7 years and have this to testify about Citizens. I was having problems with huge cost on rentals that increased my cost of living significantly without any solutions.  I therefore decided to start a building project of mine to help cut down my huge cost of rentals but there was no help so I abandon this project due to lack of adequate finance until I met a credit officer from Citizens and due to their very good terms and approach of doing business, I can happily say that my building is almost in the completion stage and moving into it soon …Read More »
  • Samuel Mensah’s Testimony

    Samuel Mensah’s Testimony

    Samuel Mensah is a business owner at Abeka- Lapaz Market in Accra and this is what he has to say; I came to Accra some years back to seek greener pastures and started selling flip-flops on the ground by the road side and could not find any help from anyone since I have no relatives around to support me, but when I was introduced to Citizens Capital I was given a true business advisory and a credit finance on top and now am a proud owner of phones and accessories dealership in addition to the flip-flop business. I have been able to employ two more people to help me build the business whilst I focus on the bigger …Read More »
  • Beatrice Abena Kwakye’s Testimony

    Beatrice Abena Kwakye’s Testimony

    Beatrice Abena Kwakye is a distributor and a retailer of yam business today because of Citizens Capital. A mother and a dependant of 6 people with no hope and help coming from anywhere though married, my husband hardly earn enough income to support the house fully so with the little push from him I started food vending at the Dome- Market in Accra and through a referral from a friend Citizens appeared and due to their terms and conditions my mind was made to work with them. Ever since I began working with them they have been very good in their approach and flexible with repayments, ‘a lot of financial companies has come to me but all fell …Read More »

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