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Reasons why you cannot be prevented from operating?

We are a registered and certified member of Ghana Association of Microfinance Network- GHAMFIN Certified and in good standing with Money Lending Association of Ghana- MLAG

What kind of credit is required for a Citizen Capital Personal Loan?

We will need to see a reasonably strong credit history from your previous borrowers, last 3 months bank statements and payroll slips, introductory letter and a copy of your appointment letter from your employers.

How will I receive the loan funds?

Approved borrowers will need to provide us with post-dated bank cheques, in their name, and other relevant information. The loan proceeds will be disbursed directly to the bank account provided or presented to you to do so.

Application Process

Who can apply for the Citizens Bank Personal loan?

Fully completed application form with all details intact and requirements met. Anyone that has reached the age of majority and he/she is a Ghanaian Citizen or permanent resident may apply. To be approved for the loan, all applicants need a good credit history and current income sufficient to repay the debt.

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How can I check the status of my loan application?

Applicants may check their loan application status by logging into our website with their username and password. Also, applicants who include a cell phone number in their application may choose to receive updates and messages from the Citizens Loan Application Assistant.

Repayments Details

Can I pay off my loan faster than the repayment term I choose?

Yes. You can choose to make additional payments and that will be based on early arrangements agreed upon by both parties.

When are my payments due?

Your payments will be due on weekly and monthly basis beginning 2 weeks and 30 days respectively from when the loan is disbursed. You will receive text messages or phone calls to let you know when your payments are due. Automatic payments can also be setup, which is a great way to build your credit with on-time payments.

Is there a fee if I pay my loan late?

Loan payments received after the due date will incur a fee of 5% of the amount due.

How does the Citizens Capital Loan impact my credit?

A key ingredient of a person's credit score is having a credit history with a good track record of making payments. Paying on time is important in developing a good credit score.


What We Do

We provide credit finance with speed, convenience and accessibility to benefit SMEs with a focus on women business owners.