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Beatrice Abena Kwakye’s Testimony

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Mrs. Beatrice Abena Kwakye

Beatrice Abena Kwakye is a distributor and a retailer of yam business today because of Citizens Capital. A mother and a dependant of 6 people with no hope and help coming from anywhere though married, my husband hardly earn enough income to support the house fully so with the little push from him I started food vending at the Dome- Market in Accra and through a referral from a friend Citizens appeared and due to their terms and conditions my mind was made to work with them. Ever since I began working with them they have been very good in their approach and flexible with repayments, ‘a lot of financial companies has come to me but all fell through due to high charges on interest and deceit so I promised myself not to patronize any but Citizens have proven to me that they are indeed different, ready to serve and provide good satisfaction’. As we speak now, I have acquired a plot of land to start our building project in the earnest. Would like to say God should help them more to help others.

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