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About Us

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About Us

Our Mission
Citizens Capital Money Lending Limited aims to serve as the ultimate solution to sound financial management of all.


Our Vision
Citizens Capital Money Lending Limited is committed to making positive impact in the lives of results driven proprietors in our communities. Choose first, experience the most, and grow with us.


Why choose citizen capital?
• Speed- We provide a week of flexible loans and service delivery
• Pricing- We offer the best competitive interest rates on our products on the market
• Customer Focus- We able to build trust with our clients and families and highly accessible.
• Social Impact Oriented- We encourage businesses entrepreneurs and create jobs especially for women in our communities to reduce unemployment.
• Empowerment- We strengthens and uplifts the growth of business owners in our communities we serve and educate them on financial literacy.


Our Values
Listed below are some of our core values that allow us to run a smooth and result oriented business.

• God first
• Oneness
• Respect
• Attitude
• Punctuality

• Professionalism
• Due Diligence
• Prompt Services
• Culture of Excellence
• Honesty and Transparency

What We Do

We provide credit finance with speed, convenience and accessibility to benefit SMEs with a focus on women business owners.